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Achieve your body & health goals with the personal nutritionist. Say bye-bye to an everyday calories count, hunger and abstinence from your favorite meals. Let us take care of your time!

How does it work?

Your history and
goal review

  • We’ll take a closer look at your dietary behavior, lifestyle, health issues, and goals
  • We pay attention to all health factors including possible hormonal imbalances and food sensitivities to develop a clear roadmap to your desired results

Choose a perfect-match nutritionist

  • Choose your own nutritionist from a pre-selected list formed based on your information from step 1
  • You’ll see the nutritionist’s background as he or she will see your history, including career experiences, education, professional approaches, and reviews

Be supported
and motivated

  • Based on your preferences, post-week results and health needs the nutrition plan will be renewed every week
  • Constant support from your nutritionist
  • 24/7 assistance
  • The nutritionist will be there for you to adjust your menu in case if you experience a lack of some food products or just a craving for sweets

Become more healthy
while eating tasty


You’re an alive and complex human being, not just numbers on your weights or a calory counter app. Even when you have a clear goal, you can’t automatize your way through generated diet plans. It’s a human-to-human kind of deal. Only personal nutrition will approach your request.

Personal approach

In HolyEat we connect you with nutritionists. They study your problems and food preferences to develop a nutrition plan that is easy and joyful to follow. No need to reject your favorite products!

We look similar but the
difference is hidden inside

diet plans
Online nutritionist
Messaging any time
Preference based
Not expensive
Regardless of location

HolyEat really works

Find out how quickly you will achieve your results with HolyEat:

5% / month

Average weight loss

3% / month

Average weight gain

Well-selected professionals

Be secure

Using HolyEat you’re not limited to choosing your home town nutritionist and protected from the unreliability of freelances.

Only professionals

We work only with professionals who are not only experts in nutrition but also mastered psychology and coaching skills that help them guide you to the desired result.

Hire a personal online specialist


Week trial

  • Free consultations
  • Your nutrition plan is based on your preferences and health needs
  • Money-back guarantee during first week
  • Coaching : nutrition specialist will track on your results
  • Basic sports nutrition consulting

1 Month

  • Free consultations
  • Your nutrition plan is based on your preferences and health needs
  • Money-back guarantee during first week
  • Coaching: nutrition specialist will track on your results
  • Basic sports nutrition consulting

3 Months

  • Free consultations
  • Your nutrition plan is based on your preferences and health needs
  • Money-back guarantee during first week
  • Coaching : nutrition specialist will track on your results
  • Basic sports nutrition consulting

7-days money-back guarantee included in all plans


I am currently finishing week 5 of the set menu and I am loving the meal plans Anna proposes every week. I have managed to lose 7.9 kg so far which I am super happy about as I struggled to lose weight for a long time. I've never been able to stick to a diet so easily but the menus are so delicious that I am satisfied after every meal!!

What I like the most about the menus are that I can eat any type of cuisine that I want which is just prepared using healthier alternatives but still tastes amazing and I can still have pasta and chocolate! I also love that if I am craving a certain food or have a lot of certain ingredients Anna can suggested new recipes that include these foods for the next weeks menu..

I don't really have any improvements that I can suggest because I'm really happy with my results so far which I wasn't expecting! I'd maybe just like further information about why the diet works and how I can eat the macro's that I do that aid weight loss as this may help me in the future..

12 Jul 2021

Auckland, New Zealand

I am still following the set menu and enjoy it so much! After a free week, I lost 2.4 kg and for about 4 weeks I was able to loose 0,5-1 kg per each. I’ve lost a total of 4.5 kg..

I gave my all and had absolute faith that with hard work and consistency I can live a happy and enjoyable life with this nutrition plan! It was the best choice I have ever made..

Thank you guys once again!

19 Feb 2021

Sydney, Australia

I have been working with Anna for almost 3 months now. Following the menu proposed by Anna, I was able to lose 8 kg! Body measurements reduced by 5-6 cm. I always thought it is impossible considering the amount of the consumed food. During the process, I have always had a sense of satiety. I actually was surprised by not wanting to add anything else to the menu! Sometimes, I felt like I was eating too much, however the scales proved different..

Turns out eating healthy is delicious and having no feeling of hunger is possible while following a healthy diet! I was surprised. What is more important is that after each meal I don’t feel heaviness in the abdominal area! Feeling myself perfectly light.I am very satisfied with the results. I am going to keep following Anna’s diet and because it is delicious, fulfilling and easy!!

3 March 2021



What is included in my pricing plan?

  • Our specialists will provide an individualized week-long plan with the menu for each day. A new plan will be provided every week..
  • Needs- based menu. You should not abstain from your favorite snacks! Let your personal nutritionist choose a healthy alternative for you..
  • Online availability from whatever part of the world..
  • Chat support 24/7 regarding arisen issues, questions or concerns..

How much does it take to see the results?

Results depend on your goal and how much time is needed to reach it, how motivated you are and how much free time you have to follow the healthy menu. Working closely with our professional specialists, you will be able to lose/ gain weight in the shortest possible time frame. Though, it is important to highlight that the outcome is a very individual thing which requires persistence and self-discipline.

Should I do some medical testing before consultation?

Most of the time, medical consultation is not required in order to switch to the healthy eating lifestyle. However, in case of some serious health-related issues it will be advised to undergo some medical testing. In your application, you will provide answers for a set of questions. That would be enough for a nutritionist to develop a healthy plan to reach your body and health goals.

Is there any support between consultations?

You'll get the best support to eat your lovely meal. Communication with your personal nutritionist is not limited to consultations. The nutritionist will be your best friend on the way to your dream body. You can get an answer anytime within 24 hours, but frequently faster. Don’t forget, we can ask you ourselves about your feeling, weight, and body. Your results are our results, which is a partnership to make our clients truly happy.

What are my guarantees?

Our guarantees is depending on your diligence. We can help you to reach your goal, but we (unfortunately) can’t reach it instead of you. Even best nutritionist can't help you if you don't want it. Your personal nutritionist will draw up the best diet for you, but follow it is still your responsibility. And also, we have 7 days money-back guarantee if we didn’t help you.

Ask us

Still, have questions? Your questions are welcomed at any time of your convenience and as many times as you want.